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FEMA Clinic & Surgery is a Medical Facility based in Novena Medical Center in the Central Business District of Singapore. The facility providing Top Quality, Industry Standard and Cost Effective Patient Centric Medical Services in the area of both General Basic Medical Examinations as well as Specialized Medical Examinations for personnel working in the areas of Offshore , Maritime/ Sea Farers, Commercial Diving (Saturation, Non-Saturation/Air/Mixed Gas), ROV Pilots as well as Aviation Pilots and Aircrew. Our specialized medicals conform to the various regulatory bodies such as IMCA, Petronas, SHELL (SSB Medicals), UKOOA, AS2299, ADC, ADAS, ICAO, CAAS(Singapore), ILO, WHO etc. Hence providing Full Specialized Medical Examinations for the Offshore, Commercial and Recreational Diving, Maritime/Seafarers and Aviation Industry.

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7th APRIL 2020

FEMA Clinic & Surgery launches FEMA Telemedicine Services

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FEMA Clinic & Surgery’s NEW HIPPA Compliant FEMA Telemedicine Services

Occupational Medical Services

I. Medical Examinations

  • Basic Medical Examinations
  • Specialized Medical Examinations
    • Diving, Offshore, Maritime & Seafarers; Pilots & Aircrew, Fitness for Flight for Patients (Repatriation)

II. 24HR World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance

  • Air Ambulance, Helicopter Rescue
  • ICU Aeromedical Air AMbulance
  • Sea Ambulance, Land Transport Ambulance
  • Medical Evacuations
  • Patient Repatriation (to home country)
  • Boarding of Vessels in Anchorage, OPL etc
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Supply of Medicine and Equipment

III. Emergency Response Planning and Real Time Telemedicine with Remote Integrative Specialist Emergency Consultations.

IV. Offshore , Diving, Hyperbaric & Maritime Physician STANDBY Services (STED Corporate and Individual Membership Packages – Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment)

V. General AND Specialist Medical & Surgical Services

VI. Travel Medicine and Vaccination Center


Flinders EMA

Through our Emergency Medical Assistance arm – Flinders EMA, we provide cost effective and value for money 24Hr World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance, Diving & Hyperbaric Physician Standby Services and Emergency Response Planning (STED Package) for Diving Companies performing Air, Mixed Gas, Saturation Diving within the ASEAN, Asia, Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions. We provide 24 Hrs Real Time Emergency Medical Monitoring of Diving , Topside, Maritime Casualties both on board the vessel/FPSO, Rig and in Saturation Chamber and in Non-saturation environment utilizing the MWB-RT Real Time Telemedicine Unit. This enables the casualty’s vital stats to be transmitted to our clinical Coordinating Centre for Remote Integrative Specialist Monitoring by Diving and Hyperbaric Physician, Emergency Physician, General Surgeon, Cardiologist, Intensivist etc.

Our services adhere to International Best Practice Guidelines for Offshore Oil and Gas Industry together with International Standards for World Wide Emergency Aeromedical Air Ambulance and Heli Ambulance patient transfer and retrievals. We are a member of IMCA (UK) , Association of Air Medical Services (USA), Society of Critical Care Medicine (USA), UKOOA/UKOGA, ASDS, SPUMS (Australia) and various other medical and offshore associations.

Our Practice is fully equipped to provide 24Hr World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance for Diving and Hyperbaric Accidents for Divers performing both Saturation as well as Non-saturation operations. We also provide Priority Air Ambulance and Heli Ambulance Evacuation Services of Patients from Vessels, Platforms, Rigs etc to the appropriate hospitals within the region. We are fully equipped with approved medical equipment for both treatment and aeromedical transfer of the injured.

Our doctors and nurses trained both locally and overseas with the experience in the areas of anesthesiology, intensive care, high dependency, emergency medicine, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, paediatric medicine, aviation medicine and air transport medicine. And are able to communicate in an array of languages from the region – ranging from Mandarin, Chinese(CHINA), Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Myanmese(Burmese), Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, French, German and Tamil and of course English.