About Us


 CORE Values

  • Family
  • Ethics
  • Morality
  • Accountability


 Mission Statement

 FEMA Clinic & Surgery is a Medical Practice specializing in Occupational Health & Emergency Medical Care for companies and individuals in the areas of Diving, Hyperbaric, Compressed Air Tunneling, Maritime, Shipping  and Offshore Industry. Our team of dedicated medical and allied health professionals is committed to deliver top quality health care through comprehensive specialized integrated clinical practice, telemedical  consultations and advisory together with training based on up to date international best practice and guidelines. FEMA Clinic & Surgery with its strong foundation of safety, strategy, sophistication, standards and strength our mission is to deliver top quality health care in the area of occupational and emergency medicine.




Our vision is to be the renowned leading organization providing top quality occupational and emergency healthcare to the Diving, Hyperbaric, Compressed Air Tunneling, Maritime, Shipping  and Offshore Industry both within the Asian Region and Internationally.



FEMA Experience

  • Routine Medical & Surgical Consultations
  • Specialized Occupational Medical Examinations
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing for Seafarers
  • Emergency medical boarding of vessels
  • Diving Accident Management –including DCI, Barotrauma etc
  • Duty of Care issues for Diving, Maritime & Offshore Companies
  • Workers Compensation for Divers, Diving Companies, Salvage Companies etc
  • 24 Hr Emargency Evacuations, Heli-Rescues Operations & Emergency Response Planning
 FEMA Clinic & Surgery provides medical care for all Divers (Commercial, Scientific, Technical & Recreational), ROV Pilots, Topside Offshore Workers, Maritime Crew & Seafarers, Airline Pilots & Air Crew, Compressed Air Works Workers. Besides performing General Medical & Surgical Consultations for all personnel in the area of general medicine we also perform specialized occupational medical examinations which conform to various international
standards and regulatory bodies such asas IMCA, Petronas, SHELL (SSB Medicals), OGUK, UKOOA, AS2299, ADC, ADAS, ICAO, CAAS(Singapore), ILO, WHO etc.  In addition to Specialized Occupational Medical Examinations FEMA Clinic & Surgery also provides treatment of  Diving Accidents ranging from simple stings and coral cuts to more severe caes like barotrauma, subcutaneous emphysema, pulmonary barotrauma and decompression illness. Furthermore  we  also provide medical second opinions in workers compensation in the areas of return to work of the commercial diver after diving accidents and also to assist diving and offshore companies  in their role of duty of care.
Besides providing Specialized Occupational Medical Examinations for the Diving, Topside, Offshore,  Maritime/Seafarers, Aviation Industry, Hyperbaric and Compressed Air Workers;  FEMA Clinic & Surgery in association with Flinders EMA – Flinders Emergency Medical Assistance provides Emergency Response Planning for the offshore installations, salvage vessels, maritime vessels, commercial diving operations and Recreational/Technical diving companies and individuals. Working closely with our Parent Assistance Company – Flinders EMA we provide  24Hrs emergency medical evacuation, repatriation (fixed wing and heli rescue operations) , real time telemedicine monitoring, 24Hrs boarding of maritime vessels to render emergency
medical assistance to ship’s crew/seafarers both in anchorage or outside port limit (OL). We also perform routine Drug & Alcohol Testing of ship’s crew/seaman on board vessels 365 days a year.
 Together with Flinders EMA , our Chief Medical Physician Dr Kevin U Chan has ventured with various other companies/organizations like CSM Acedemay, Aeturnus Pte Ltd, H.T Training & Services Co Ltd (Phuket, Thailand), KB Associates, AECOM Pte Ltd etc to provide high quality training in the areas of Diving Medical Traing (DMT), Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine, Aeromedical Transport Medicine, Telemedicine Collaboration Program (Ministry of Health Singapore & Infocomm Development Authority Singapore). Besides the field of training these corporate ventures also support Compressed Air Work (Tunelling) Auditing for the Land Transport Authority of
Singapore (LTA) for Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) System for  Down Town Line 2 (DTL2)  & Down Town Line3(DTL3)