For Full Digital Online Courses all reading material, workshops, assessments and examinations are conducted online. The candidate will have the ability to learn at their own pace and at their own time. Should they require any clarification or questions that they may raise with the faculty, these will be able to be emailed to the faculty who will guidethem through the topic9s) concerned.

Registration Full Digital Online Courses

Telemedicine Courses

Doctor@Home Primary Care Giver Telemedicine Course (Registration)

Doctor@Home Medical Care Giver  Telemedicine Program

TeleBaroMed-Remote Telemedicine Training for Commercial Divers


Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine Courses

Introduction to Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencies

Basic Course Diving Medicine

Basic Course Hyperbaric Medicine 

For Blended Learning Courses,All theory, reading and instructional materials will be online and should be read through within the stipulated weeks or days by the candidate. These reading materials should be completed prior to the hands on in-person practical session where the candidate integrates the theory, principles, protocols and produres applying them to the practical aspect of the course objectives.

Blended Learning  Courses

Diving First Aid Course

Emergency Diving First Aid for Occupational Divers (Registration)

Oxygen Administration & Airway Management  for Diving Accidents 

Cardiopulmonary Resusitation & Automated External Defibrillator Usage

First Aid Management for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries


Diving Medicine Courses

DDC Chamber Operators Course with Emergency Management

Diving Medicine for Non-Commercial Recreational Divers

Divers Alert Network Courses

DAN Oxygen Provider Course 

DAN AED – Automated External Defibrillator Course 

DAN First Aid Course 

DAN Hazardous Marine Life Injuries Course

All Courses conducted are delivered as either Full Digital Online Courses  or as Blended Learning Courses.Both Full Digital Online and Blended Learning Courses are Competency Based Courses for the Adult Learner.

Course Fees Payment

Full Online Digital Courses are accessible anytime after payment of the course fees.

For Blended Learning Courses, all reading materials and Pre-course questions and Post Course Exminations are will be accessible anytime after payment of course fees.

For all courses open for registration please proceed with the course registration page and then proceed with the course payment at the course payment gateway

For Courses which do have a registration page, do email for the next available course dates. This applies to most blended learning courses and certain Full Digital Online Courses.