FEMA Telemedicine Consult – Triage

NON-EMERGENCY Medical / Surgical Conditions

All Non-Emergency Medical Conditions an Online Appointment must be made

Telemedicine SCUBA Diving FITNESS Screening

Telemedicine Consult – General Practice & Report Sick

TeleBaroMed (Non-Life Threatening Diving Injury Tele-Med Urgent Care)

EMERGENCY Medical /Surgical Conditions

For all Emergency Diving (Commercial / Recreational) Injuries, Emergency Medical or Surgical Conditions please call FEMA Clinic & Surgery / Flinders EMA on 63972012 or on +65 90694307 (Emergency Hotline) to speak with our Clinical Personnel.

If appropriate an Online Password will be given for an Tele-Urgent Care Consultation, then please CLICK HERE

No Appointment is necessary for EMERGENCY Conditions but Direct Admission to the Virtual Consult Room only if appropriate from Patient Safety Aspect

FEMA Telemedicine Consultation Fees Schedule

FEMA Telemedicine Consultation Fees Explaination