FEMA Telemedicine Consultation Fees Explaination

For All Patients

Online Tele-Consultation Appointment Booking Fee

  • Online Appointment Booking Fee is to secure a confirmed online appointment for a Tele-Consultation at the desired time slot. This is paid by credit card and is non-refundable should the appointment be cancelled or re-scheduled. This applies to booking of all appointments for both Members and Non-Members

Private Patients/General Public/Non-Member / Memeber -Individual & Corporate Fees

General Practice Tele-Consultation Fees

  • Tele-Consultation Only up to 10 min 
    • (Only for : Repeat of Medications or Repeat of Prescriptions, Review of Blood Pressure, Review of Results-laboratory/Radiology, Referral letters to Specialist etc, Referral for Scans-MRI)
    • Do note that for a Repeat of Medications / Repeat of Prescriptions, a previous prescription or medication label with the patient’s name and recent date will need to be seen by the doctor
    • Repeat of Medication / Repeat of Prescription will only be for 1 month
    • Prescription of each medication is chargeable
      • prescription of 1 medication on one script
      • prescription of >1 medication(s) on same script 
    • This applies only for one patient at any one time
  • Tele-Consultation Only  to 15 min
    •  (For: Tele-Diagnosis and Tele-Management of various medical conditions such as – Upper Respiratory Tract infections (URTI), Urinary Tract infections(UTI), Respiratory Conditions – Asthma, Sinuses Pain, Headaches, Dizziness, Gastric, Diarrhoea, Chest Pain, Cardiac Conditions etc)
  • Tele-Consultation Only  up to 30 min
    •  ( For: Tele-Management of for Hyperbaric Consultations for -Sudden Hearing Loss, Non-Healing Wounds, Osteomyelitis, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Long Term Medical Conditions, Chronic ConditionsDiabetes Complications Management, Second Opinions)

All consultation in excess of the booked appointment duration  will be billed in 5 min blocks of  a stipulated fee

Do note should the Doctor advise an in person consultation at the end of the Tele-Consult or a Hospital Emergency Visitation due to your medical condition. The consultation fee for the Tele-Consultation will still be payable and charged to your credit card.

Specialized Tele-Consultation Fees

  • TeleBaroMed (Diving Injury Tele-Med) for a 30 min Tele-Diving Injury Consultation for suspected Diving injuries – Decompression Illness Type 1 and Type 2 as well as Pulmonary(non-severe) & Non-Pulmonary Barotrauma.

Fees are made up of : 

    • TeleBaroMed (Recreational Only) 
    • TeleBaroMed (Commercial Only)     
    • TeleBaroMed (Urgent Care-Rec/Comm) 


  • Telemedicine SCUBA Diving FITNESS Screening – a  30 min Non-Emergency Diving Fitness Screening Tele-Consultation without a physical examination and without any investigations – for the  Recreational , Technical and Non-Commercial Diver.

Fees as below: 

    • Telemedicine SCUBA Diving FITNESS Screening

( Should the Tele-Consultation  exceed the allocated time of 30 mins, the excess time will be billed in 10 mins blocks, each  block at a stipulated rate)

The Telemedicine SCUBA Diving FITNESS Screening is a screening Tele-Consultation only to assess the adequacy of the potential Recreational SCUBA Diver. No MEDICAL FITNESS to DIVE Certificate will be issued.

This is a screening consultation for potential Recreational Diving Candidates with medical conditions like Asthma ( Adulthood & Childhood), Thyroid Function Abnormalities, Anemia, Chest Trauma, On Certain Regular Medications etc

If you pass this screening consultation you will will be recommended to undergo an in-person physical medical examination and various test for Recreational SCUBA Diving to attain a Medical Certificate for Fitness to Dive. This certificate will be conducted and issued in accordance with South Pacific Underwater Medical Society (SPUMS) based on an Internationally recognized standard)

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