FEMA Telemedicine Non-Members

Non-STED Members / General Public / Private Patients

Access to the Online Clinic / Download the Mobile App
1) Consultation via Desktop (PC/Mac), Laptop, Notebook etc: https://flindersema.vsee.me/u/femaclinic

2) Consultation via Mobile Device:
a) Goto app store – on andriod or apple store and download and install the app “VSee Clinic”

b) once you have downloaded and installed the app,you will be asked to enter the ROOM CODE, please type “fema” and press enter.

c) Next you will be redirected to “VSee Clinic – Flinders EMA ( FEMA Clinic & Surgery)

d) You will need to Register yourself – name, contact details, medications etc on Site Registration before you make an appointment to enter the Telemedicine Consult Room