FEMA Telemedicine Services – New Launch 7th April 2020

7th April 2020

Launch of FEMA Telemedicine Services –

  1. FEMA Doctor@Home Tele-Medical Membership Program

  2.  FEMA Tele-Medical Consultations

    • GP-10min, 15min, 30min

    • Specialized Care

      • FEMA SCUBA Diving Screening Consultation,

      • TelebaroMed Dive Injury Consultation

    • Maritime/Offshore

      • Occupational & Work Injuries Consultation,

      • Report Sick Consultation

The FEMA Doctor@Home Home Care Program

The FEMA Doctor@Home Home Care Program  is a membership program comprising of Individual memberships,

Home Care Tele-Medical Monitoring of  the patient in their own home. These patients have  Acute or Chronic Medical Condition like Diabetes, Stroke, Post Operation, Hypertension or other medical conditions*. This helps to reduce the Patient’s in Hospital Stay This helps to maintain the patient’s medical condition in a stable manner while the patient in staying at their own home.

The FEMA Doctor@Home Program:

1. Reduces the risk of  increased Hospital Admission

As the patients medical condition is continually assessed and should it become unstable it can be treated almost immediately preventing an emergency visit to the Hospital

2. Reduces the length of time of physical stay in the hospital.

This reduction in length of hospital stay will also reduce the family’s financial burden both direct and indirect hospital cost as well free up bed space for emergency medical cases

3. Reduces the number of re-admissions into hospital

As the patient’s medical condition is continually assessed and medically managed upon discharge while the patient  is back to the community.  Should there be any changes to the patient parameters it will bemanaged quickly / almost immediately, hence reducing hospital re-admission among newly discharged patients.

4. Improved patient’s quality of care 

As the patients medical condition is continually assessed while the patient is at home any changes in the patient’s parameters will be able to be medically addressed in a timely manner reducing the severity of the medical condition should the patient require admission to hospital.

(*An initial consultation with the Physician performing the Doctor@Home Program will be necessary to ensure that the patient’s current condition is suitable for Home Care Tele-Medical Monitoring)

For more information please email: info@flindersema.com

FEMA Tele-Medical Consultation

The FEMA Telemedicine Consultation uses a HIPPA compliant Telemedicine Platform to perform Medical Video Consultations between  Patients and Doctors. The Patient is able to undergo Real Time Medical Video Consultation for General Practice Reporting Sick, Repeat of Prescriptions for Medications, Diving Injuries, Diving Fitness Screening, Offshore & Maritime Reporting Sick on vessel, Occupational & Work Related Injuries. – How to make an appointment & connect with Doctor