FEMA Telemedicine Services

Individual & Corporate Membership Programs available –


Telemedical Services

  1. Doctor@Home Program

    • Remote Telemedical Home Care Monitorin & Treatment of Home Based Patients

      • Post Operative Patients,

      • Elderly Patients,

      • Palliative Care Patients

      • Home Care Rehabilitation

 FEMA Doctor@Home Telemedicine Brochure

  1. General Practice (GP) Patients

    • Tele-Diagnosis and Tele-Medical Management

    • Individual Private Patients

    • Non-Emergency Care

    • Urgent Care

    • Chronic Disease Management

      • Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia/Cholesterol issues

    • Chronic Non-Healing Wound Management

    • Specialist Referrals

  2. Remote Emergency Tele-Consultations for Specialized Industries

    • Enhancement of STED Membership Program

    • Luxury Yachts, Private Sailing Vessels

    • Maritime – Seafarers, Commercial Vessel

    • Offshore Oil & Gas 

    • Commercial Diving- Local/International Waters, Air/Saturation Jobs

  3. Remote Emergency Casualty Monitoring

  4. Remote Traveller’s Tele-Medical Assistance & Tele-Consultations

  5. Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations – for Second Opinions

  6. Remote Pre- Air Ambulance Transport Telemedical Examination

    • Flight Fitness Patient Transport

  7. Remote Tele-Diagnosis and Tele-Medical Management e-First Aid Kits for  Purchase or Rental

FEMA Clinic & Surgery delivers Telemedical Services for Onsite Tele-Medical Care to the individual and the Company. The patient does not need to leave the home or job site and is able to access the full Tele-Medical Care Service when miles away from the Medical Facility.

This Telemedical Service when enhanced with our STED ( Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment ) Membership brings to the forefront our 24/7/365 days World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance Priority Care Program. Here Emergency Medical Assistance is Prioritized for the Injured Casualty who undergoes Tele-Diagnosis , Tele-Medical Management and Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations (RSIC) with a Medical Specialist Physician.This STED Membership is based on various Membership Plans for Different Regions- Local Singapore (up to Outer Port Limit), Malaysia Waters, Thai Waters, Indonesian Waters etc.

Tele-Consult with Doctor