General Medicine

General Practice
Here at Flinders EMA, we provide also provide professional general medical services as stated below. For further information regarding the various catergories, feel free to visit the intended category pages.

Designated Factory Support
We provide professional consultation services in an effort to meet the health care needs of workers, their employers and their claims managers. So as to aid placement of the potential employee into a suitable work environment that is compatible with their physical and psychological health status.

Basic Medical Examinations

Flinders EMA Pte Ltd in Asoociation with FEMA Clinic & Surgery provides Basic Medical Examinations :

  • Occupational Medical Examinations
  •  Designated Factory Doctor Services – Ministry of Manpower Singapore
  • Pre-Employment Medical Examinations
  • Audiometric Screening Services for Hearing Conservation Programe
  • Ministry of Manpower (Singapore) Medical Examinations
    • Work permit application / renewal
    • Special Pass
    • Permanent Resident
    • Employment Pass
    • Long Term Pass
    • Student pass


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