Maritime Medicine

 Maritime Health Services


 Flinders EMA FEMA Maritime Health (Brochure)


  • MLC Compliant Maritime Medical Examinations

                     ~ Pre-Employment & Routine Medical Examination of Seafarers

                     ~ in accordance with ILO/WHO/STCW95/MLC 2006 Guidelines  (Document: ILO/IMO/JMS/2011/12)

  • ILO\WHO\ MLC 2006\ STCW-95 Medical Examinations

                     ~ Pre-Employment & Routine Medical Examination of Seafarers

  • P&I Club Seafarer’s Medical Examination

  •  Standard/Seafarers Medicals (PEME)-Non  MLC Compliant Seafarer’s Medical Examination

                     ~ Pre-Employment & Routine Medical Examination of Seafarers

  • Seafarer’s / Seaman’s Medical Examination – Malaysia/Indonesia

  • Malaysian Maritime Medical Examination

  • Belize Maritime Medical Examination

                     ~ International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize – IMMARBE

  • Norwegian Seafarers Maritime Medical Assessment

  • Netherlands Maritime Medical Examinations (Dutch)

  • Danish Maritime Medical Examinations

  • Swedish Maritime Medical Examination

                     ~ More in-depth testing with ultrasound system

  • Australian Maritime Safety Association- AMSA (Australia)

  • PPCDL- Power Boat Licensing Medical Examination

  • Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) Medical Examination for Seafarers

  • Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA-Singapore) Medical Examination

  • Papua New Guinea (PNG) Medical Examinations

  • Panama License Maritime Medical Examination

  • Vanuatu License Maritime Medical Examination

  • PETRONAS Medical Examinations

  • UKOOA / OGUK Medical Examinations

IN CLINIC: Vaccination & Immunization

  • In Clinic Vaccinations available

  • Ministry of Health Singapore Approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

 Laboratory and Radiology Facilities

  •  24Hrs Laboratory and Radiology Facilities

  • Full Laboratory Facilities

  • Full Radiological Facilities – CT Scans, MRI Scans, X-Rays


  •  Over Night Medical and Observation Facility for Crew Treatment and Monitoring

  • Hospital Emergency Admissions – locally, regionally, Internationally

 Crew Transportation

  •  Crew Transportation to & from Port/Ship to Medical Facility Medical/Dental Consultations


  • On vessel medical & surgical consultations

  • Issue of medications

  • On Board minor surgical procedures

  • On Board Medical Examination of Sick / injured Crew

  • Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic Ship Call- within Anchorage/Port Limit to Outside Port Limit

  • Drug & alcohol testing-5 to 11 Drug Test (Random/Routine Testing)

  • On board Vaccination programme for Crew of  Maritime Vessels, Drill Ships and Oil Rigs

  • All Medical personnel- Doctor, Nurse, Paramedics have a valid BOSIET Certificate

  • Vaccinations- Yellow Fever, Cholera, Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus, Meningococcal, etc


  • Drugs Tested

    1. Alcohol, Blood/Breath Testing

    2. Amphetamines , Urine

    3. Methamphetamines, Urine

    4. Barbiturates, Urine

    5. Benzodiazepines, Urine

    6. Cannabis / Marijuana (THC), Urine

    7. Cocaine, Urine

    8. Opiates, Urine

    9. Phencyclidine, Urine

    10. Methadone, Urine

    11. Tricyclic Antidepressants, Urine

  • Onsite Random Digitalized Drug &Alcohol (D&A) testing Method

  • Pre-employment Drug & Alcohol (D&A) Screening

  • PETRONAS Drug & Alcohol (D&A) Testing – On Vessel , Random

  • ILO/WHO Drug & Alcohol (D&A) Testing

  • Full certificates for Drug & Alcohol (D&A) testing will be issued



  • 24Hr Emergency Psychological & Psychiatric Assistance

  • Psychological Counselling Services

  • Maritime Psychological Examination for Seafarers (pre-employment- MMPE, MMPI-2)



  •  24Hr Emergency Dental Assistance  (Corporate Clients Only)

  • General Dental Surgeons

  • Specialist Dental Surgeons



 TELEMEDICINE – Maritime Basic/Advance REAL TIME TELE-ADVISORY(Memberships Apply)

Integrates with: S.T.E.D ~ Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment

                        R.S.I.C ~ Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations


  • FEMMA Telemedical Advisory System for Ships

    • S.T.E.D ~ Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment

    • R.S.I.C ~ Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations

    • Basic / Advance Maritime Tele-advisory

    • Real Time Maritime Tele-advisory

  • ShipMed (Norway) Telemdicine Software


 Emergency Maritime Medical Assistance

  • Helicopter Rescue Operations

  • Heli Ambulance

  • Sea Ambulance

  • Road Ambulance

    • Transfer between port to Hospital/Medical Center,

    • Transfer between different Countries (Singapore /Malaysia)

    • Trasfer between States ( Kuantan / Kuala Lumpur etc)

  • Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Patient Transfer ( Dedicated ICU Air Ambulance)


  • Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic Patient Escort during Heli Rescue Operations,

Air Ambulance, Sea Ambulance and Ground Ambulance Operations.

  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

  • Medical  Ground Assistance

  • Medical Coordination between Specialist, Hospital , Ship owners, P&I Clubs

  • Daily updated Medical Reports from the hospital/Specialist Physician/ Surgeon

 to the Ship Owners and P& I Clubs

  • Flinders Emergency Maritime Medical Assistance (FEMMA)

  • WorldWide Emergency Medical Assistance Programme (WWEMA)

  • Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations (RSIC) Programme

  • Infectious Disease Treatment , Quarantine, Transfer to Hospital

  • Specialist Doctor Network

      •  Diving & Hyperbaric  Physician

      • Occupational Physician

      • Offshore Physician

      • Orthodontist

      • Cardiologist

      • Neurologist

      • Anaesthetist

      • Dentist

      • Dermatologist

      • ENT Specialist

      • Neurosurgeon

      • Plastic Surgeon

      • General Surgeon

      • Vascular Surgeon

      • Orthopaedic Surgeon

      • Cardiothoracic Surgeon

      • Intensive Care Specialist

      • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

  • Allied Health

      •  Physiotherapy

      • Occupational Therapy




  • On Vessel, In Clinic, Specialist, Hospitalization



  • Supply of Medication and Medical Equipment  for Ship’s Hospital

and Medical Chest on Ocean going vessels

  • In accordance to “Schedules of The Merchant Shipping (Medical Stores)

 Regulations 1996” & “ILO/WHO guidelines”

  • MSN 1788 / 1688 ships medical stores guidelines

  • DMAC 15 Rev 3 IMCA Guidelines