1. Elderly Care
  2. Remote Specialist Intergartive Consultations


 FEMA Doctor@Home Telemedicine Brochure

We provide Telemedicine Services for both individual- home caer giver for the elderly and corporate uses mainly in the Diving, Offshore and Maritime Industry.Our Telemedicine schemes make use of inexpensive medical and electronic equipment for remote real time monitoring of the patient or casualty and also for remote real time consulltation.

For individuals we provide consultations for emergency but non-life threating consultative care and for chronic diseases like diabetes, chronic wound management, hypertension, post operative rehabilitation and post operative medical & surgical care

On a Corporate level our Medical Coverage ranges from simple private yatchs to savlage vessels, ocean going vessels and extends from local / regional waters to international wtaers.

For both individual and corporate companies, sbuscription plans apply and optional purchase or rental of Telemedicine Consultation Kits