Members and Non-Members Telemedical Patient Management Program

Type of Telemedicine Patient Programs

  1. Subscription based Members Program

  2. Pay Per Use Non-Members Program

We provide Telemedical Diagnosis & Telemedical Patient Management Programs based on a Fee for Service Scheme. There are two schemes a Members Subscription Program and a Pay Per Use Telemedical Consultation Fee for Non-Members.

Membership Subscription Program

This program is where the patient/individual , family  or the company pays a recurring subscription fee which covers Priority Care in the areas of:

  • General Practice Medicine,
  • Remote Home Care Monitoring,
  • Remote Emergency Teleconsultations for industries like Maritime, Offshore, Commercial Diving etc,
  • Remote Traveller Medical Consultations.

This is a Priority Care Membership Subscription Program where members pay a Fee for Service upon utilizing the program. Cost of this Fee for Service is at a special discounted members rate.

Non-Member Pay Per Use Program

The Non-Member Pay Per Use Program is limited only to the Basic Telemedical Report Sick Consultation. There is no recurring Membership subscription fees. This program only involves standard care services without priority care. This service is generally for Basic General Practice Telemedicine Video Consultation with the Doctor. The cost of this Pay Per Use Non- Membership Program is based on the Standard Telemedical Consulting Table of Fees.

For more information about our Membership Subscription Program, please email: