Pre-Telemedical Consult Preparation

Pre-Telemedical Consult Registration

Prior to any Telemedical Consultation please fill in your profile(if you are the patient) in the patient profile area. If you are the care giver, please fill out your profile (indicate care giver)  and also fill out the patient’s profile indicating the  patient.

When filling out your address please fill in your country,  post code (zip code) and both mobile phone and land line numbers, together with your/patient’s email.

At the start and during the Tele-Consultation, please have the following documents ready:

a) NRIC / FIN / Passport / Photo ID
b) Previous Prescriptions / Medication Labels with your own name for repeat prescriptions
c) Your current address with post code doing the Tele-Consultation

When undergoing a Tele-Consultation it is also important to fill in the current location (address & post code) that you are at or where both you and the patient is at currently (if you are the care giver) and a reachable mobile number and the current location’s land line phone number.

Pre-Telemedical Consult Patient’s Parameters

Prior to the Telemedical Consultation the following Patient’s own parameters (see below) should be measured and recorded by either the Patient’s own-self or by the care giver.

A photograph/picture of the patient’s parameter is taken and uploaded to the doctor for him to have a look.

For all Medical Reports, Memo’s, Laboratory or Radiological Results eg: (Blood Test Reports, Urine Test reports, Swab Reports, Chest X-Rays, Ultrasound Scans. ECG/EKG reports ) a soft copy of these documents must be on hand just in case the doctors needs to see it. At times it would be necessary to upload these documents to the user interface or do a direct electronic document transfer to the doctor or online medical personnel so it can be reviewed by the doctor.

Patients Vitals / Parameters :

a) Temperature – taken with a thermometer in Celsius (preferably)

b) Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Measurement – with the use of a Electronic Table Top Blood Pressure Machine , Electronic Blood Pressure Cuff. The use of wrist Blood Pressure devices should be used with care and blood pressure measurement with these devices should be as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

c) Blood Sugar Readings / Hypocount – This is taken via the glucometer ( please ensure the glucometer is set to the correct date and time). A photograph of the results is taken and uploaded to the user interface. Also do record if the measure is done before or after meals and the time of the last meal or sweet drink. Also please record the symptoms which you are experiencing prior or whiles taking this reading.

d) Oximetery – Usage of Pulse oximetery for Checking of Oxygen Saturation and pulse rate ( only if device is present)

e) Weight and Height – This is important for us to calculate your BMI and also for us to have a overall impression of you physically.

Pre-Telemedical Computer Preparation

Please ensure that you have the following computer hardware and it is set up properly:

a) Web camera – preferable HD camera
b) Microphone
c) Printer
d) Working internet connection
e) PDF reader
f) Pop up’s are not blocked