FEMA Telemedicine – An Introduction

Femaglobal Pte Ltd works directly with FEMA Clinic & Surgery/ Flinders EMA Pte Ltd for the provision of Telemedicine.

FEMA Clinic & Surgery is a Licensed Clinical Medical Facility based in Novena Medical Center. Our resident Doctor Dr Kevin U Chan – who have undergone further training in Telemedicine in the United States of America and is an active member of the American Telemedicine Association as well as the  International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth a European based Telemedicine Society.

At FEMAGLOBAL Pte Ltd we offer a full rage of Telemedical Services. These services are based on International Telemedicine Protocols and Procedures to ensure appropriate function of the Telemedicne Program used by FEMA Telemedcine Consult.

There are 2 types of Telemedicine Patient Programs- Subscription based Members Program and a Pay Per Use Non-Members Program

The FEMA Telemedicine Program manages a list of  common medical conditions (non-exhaustive) which are appropiately treated with  Tele-Consultation

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  1. Telemedical Services 
  2. Telemedicine Program Protocols – see below
  3. Members and Non-Members Telemedicine  Program
  4. FEMA Telemedicine Program Medical Conditions List

FEMA Telemedical Services

  1. Doctor@Home Program
    • Remote Telemedical Home Care Monitorin & Treatment of Home Based Patients
      • Post Operative Patients,
      • Elderly Patients,
      • Palliative Care Patients
      • Home Care Rehabilitation
  2. General Practice (GP) Patients
    • Tele-Diagnosis and Tele-Medical Management
    • Individual Private Patients
    • Non-Emergency Care
    • Urgent Care
    • Chronic Disease Management
      • Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia/Cholesterol issues
    • Chronic Non-Healing Wound Management
    • Specialist Referrals
  3. Remote Emergency Teleconsultations for Specialized Industries
    • Enhancement of STED Membership Program
    • Luxury Yachts, Private Sailing Vessels
    • Maritime – Seafarers, Commercial Vessel
    • Offshore Oil & Gas 
    • Commercial Diving- Local/International Waters, Air/Saturation Jobs
  4. Remote Emergency Casualty Monitoring
  5. Remote Traveller Medical Assistance & Consultations
  6. Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations – for Second Opinions
  7. Remote Pre- Air Ambulance Transport Telemedical Examination – for Flight Fitness 
  8. Remote Tele-Diagnosis and Tele-Medical Management First Aid Kits for Sales & Purchase or Rental

FEMAGLOBAL Telemedical Services provides Onsite Tele-Medical Care to the individual and the Company. The patient does not need to leave the home or jobsite and is able to access the full Tele-Medical Care Service when miles away from the Medical Facility.

This Telemedical Service when enhanced with our STED ( Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment ) Membership brings to the forefront our 24/7/365 days World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance Priority Care Program. Here Emergency Medical Assistance is Prioritized for the Injured Casualty who undergoes Tele-Diagnosis , Tele-Medical Management and Remote Specialist Integrative Consultations (RSIC) with a Medical Specialist Physician.This STED Membership is based on various Membership Plans for Different Regions- Local Singapore (upto Outer Port Limit), Malaysia Waters, Thai Waters, Indonesian Waters etc.

 FEMA Doctor@Home Telemedicine Brochure

FEMA Telemedicine Program Protocols

All Telemedical Services provided by FEMAGLOBAL is in conjunction with Singapore License Medical Doctor- Dr Kevin U-Jyn Chan of FEMA Clinic & Surgery / Flinders EMA Pte Ltd which is Singapore License Medical Clinic located at Novena Medical Center Sq2.

The various Telemedicine Programs offered are based on:

  1. Real Time Telemedicine Protocols
  2. Store and Forward Telemedicine Protocols
  3. Remote Patient Monitoring – either directly with patient or through a care giver

With Real Time Telemedical Consultations & Diagnostic Advisory you are able to have a direct real time video medical consultation with the Doctor upon login to the virtual clinic.

Using Real Time Tele-Consultation and Onsite monitoring, we are able to ensure efficient and immediate communication with the patient and transmission of patient parameters/investigative findings only if there is the presence and use of a medical device for – heart rate, blood pressure, ECG/EKG, Oxygen saturation, Blood Sugar level, Temperature etc

With the use of Store & Forward Technology your Doctor is kept up to date with all your LATEST Medical Reports, Laboratory Test, Latest Health Screening Reports and Discharge Summaries 

Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM) enables 24/7/365 Home care for the Aged and Patients suffering from Chronic Medical Conditions. Remote Patient Monitoring is either directly with the patient concerned or indirectly with the patients care giver. As part of FEMA’s RPM Subscription Membership all Care Givers will undergo FEMA Telemedicine Basic Care Giver Telemedicine Training Program   

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