7th APRIL 2020

FEMA Clinic & Surgery launches FEMA Telemedicine Services

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FEMA Clinic & Surgery’s NEW HIPPA Compliant FEMA Telemedicine Services

Occupational Medical Services

I. Medical Examinations

  • Basic Medical Examinations
  • Specialized Medical Examinations
    • Diving, Offshore, Maritime & Seafarers; Pilots & Aircrew, Fitness for Flight for Patients (Repatriation)

II. 24HR World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance

  • Air Ambulance, Helicopter Rescue
  • ICU Aeromedical Air AMbulance
  • Sea Ambulance, Land Transport Ambulance
  • Medical Evacuations
  • Patient Repatriation (to home country)
  • Boarding of Vessels in Anchorage, OPL etc
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Supply of Medicine and Equipment

III. Emergency Response Planning and Real Time Telemedicine with Remote Integrative Specialist Emergency Consultations.

IV. Offshore , Diving, Hyperbaric & Maritime Physician STANDBY Services (STED Corporate and Individual Membership Packages – Standby Telemedicine Emergency Deployment)

V. General AND Specialist Medical & Surgical Services

VI. Travel Medicine and Vaccination Center