Course Registration: Emergency Diving First Aid for Occupational Diving

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Course Registration:                                         Advance Emergency Diving First Aid for Occupational Divers - Level 2
Course Code: DM-18-EDFAOD-yymmdd (start date of course)
Course Pre-Reading: to be completed prior to Practical Skills
Pre-Reading Start Date: Before Practical Skills Weekend / Weekday

For Weekend Courses:
Practical Skills Weekend Starts: 0800Hrs (Saturday),Course Ends:1900hrs (Sunday)
Practical Skills Weekend Schedule: Saturday 0800 hrs to 180hrs, Sunday 0900hrs to 1800 hr

For Weekday Courses:
Practical Skills Weekday Starts: 1000Hrs (weekday A),Course Ends:1800hrs (weekday B)
Practical Skills Weekend Schedule: Weekday(A) 1000 hrs to 1800hrs, Weekday(B) 1000hrs to 1800 hr

Total Pre-Reading Time: 10Hrs
Total Practical Skills Weekend Contact Time: 14Hrs  
Final Exam MCQ's: 1Hrs

Maximum number of Participants: 12 , (During COVID Phases =6)
Minimum number of participants:6 (special circumstance/ Covid Phases=3 pax)

Course Fees:  - $586.20 - FULL PAYMENT upon Registration
                         - Payment via PAYNOW- please pay to UEN: 201531991H
                         - Please Check the Company Name: " FEMAGLOBAL PTE LTD"
                         - Upon Full Payment via Paynow - please send the Paynow screen shot to +65 90073942

Other Diving First Aid / Dive Medicine Course:
                          - Basic Emergency Diving First Aid for Occupational Diver - Level 1
                          - Diving Medicine Course
                          - Diving Chamber Orientation Course
                          - Diving Chanber Operator Course

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